Summer activities

Hiking trails

Around Putten, Høvringen and Rondane National Park there is the well marked trail network that allows for short and long walks for all age groups. Most of the walking tours start from the courtyard of Putten Seter. An overview of trips from Putten Seter, can be seen on

Trip to Utsikten


Foto: Knut S.Vindfallet

Utsikten is a great viewpoint about 1 km from Putten Seter, where you look over to Jotunheimen and the valley Gudbrandsdalen 600 meters down. During summer you will find your way by following the marked trail. Great views to Selsvollene and Jørundgard. In summer you can see the moose cooling down in the lake Skottvatnet down the valley.

Every Sunday at 11 am during the summer we offer guided tour to Utsikten with serving of coffee. You will hear about local history.

Trip to Formokampen (1428 m.a.s.l.)

One of the finest viewpoints we can offer! Easily accessible with view over Rondane, Jotunheimen and Snøhetta/Dovrefjell. On the tour you will pass two old animal pitfall traps about 200-300 meters at the grass surface beneath the top. On the top there are an overview of about 40 peaks, binoculars and a soundboard with information in English and Norwegian. Walking time is about 1.5-2 hours up from Putten. Lightweight hiking with marked trails. We offer guided tours by appointment.

It is also possible to walk around Formokampen. It’s a great trip with views towards Rondane National Park with the mountains Rondeslottet, Vinjeronden and Storronden. The hike continues towards Kampen, with views down the valley towards Otta, further towards Jotunheimen and back to Putten. Some swampy terrain in an area which require suitable hiking shoes. The trip is a day trip of 6-7 hours and can be walked in either direction.

Overview of 65 peaks you can see from Formokampen

Visit the Peer Gynt hut

The Peer Gynt hut consists of old stone cottages and hunting cabins. When open, there is serving of coffee, waffles and more. In the Uløybue hut, which still is in use, writer Asbjørnsen was first told the story of Peer Gynt, which later inspired Henrik Ibsen to write the world-famous drama Peer Gynt.

Follow trails towards Formokampen, but follow marked path to the left after about 30-40 minutes.

Fishing trip to Harrtjern

Three small fishing lakes which is about 30-45 minutes from Putten. If you want we can arrange fishing trips to Harrtjern with open fires and fried fish. In summer there is a marked trail from Putten over Karihaugen and Anaripigg to Harrtjern and back to Putten. This trip takes about 2-3 hours. If you want to go further you can go to Kluftåthaugen og Fugleskjelle returning to Putten. The whole trip then takes about 3-4 hours.

Sykkel på HøvringenCycling

Høvringen and the area around Putten Seter have excellent conditions for cycling. We have a cooperation with Dovre Adventure for renting bikes. When you book your stay at us, let us know if you want to rent bikes during your stay. They also have electri bikes.


There are great bathing possibilities here at Putten Seter. You can head to Harrtjern, which has good bathing conditions. Right next to us is Skjerungåa, with its delightful natural pool. Perfect for both young and adults! We also have a hot tub that can be rented. Request a discount if you are a member of Norske Vandrerhjem.

Rafting in Sjoa

Rafting in Sjoa is a thrilling activity that suits most people. Heidal Rafting is the oldest and most experienced rafting company, and has a wide range of rafting trips. Just choose the right tour that suites you best. You can read more about them on their website

Mountain services in Rossbu chapel

Rossbu chapel is a private chapel built by Alf Christian Rossow, inaugurated in 1999 with room for about 50 people. The chapel can be rented for weddings, christenings and religious services. In summer it is open for Olsok mass (29.07) at 8 pm. There is also a church service in the fall.

If you want to rent Rossbu chapel, please contact us.


There are different types of grills for free use at our yard. Other activities can be arranged. Please contact us for more information.