About us

Photo: Lasse Dähnn

950 meters above sea level, at the foot of Formokampen, near Rondane National Park, you will find traditional Putten Seter. Surrounding the farmyard, we have cozy cabins and apartments overlooking the beautiful Jotunheimen.

Putten Seter is located midway between Oslo, Trondheim and Ålesund. Here we offer accommodation, traditional Norwegian food and relaxation in beautiful surroundings.

The area around Putten Seter have great hiking options – for both the unexperienced and the seasoned mountain hiker. The trails and ski slopes start right outside our doorstep and therefore makes us a popular destination, both in summer and winter season.

Putten Seter is a prefered place for couples, families with children, schools, and businesses. We also offer the possibility to arrange weddings, christenings, birthdays, and other events where the nature and recreation are wanted as a framework.

We hope seeing you at Putten Seter. Please contact us if you have any questions!