Putten Seter, Høvringen i Rondane

Putten Seter, Høvringen – Rondane.  At Putten Seter, close to Høvringen and Rondane National Park, you can choose several ways of accomodation: a room, an appartment or a lodge, all with a comfortable and homely atmosphere.

The buildings are located around the «setertun»,( = farm yard.) which gives Putten Seter its unique character. You can prepare your own meals in the lodges. The alternatives are  complete/half boarding, or  separate meals in the cafe, all with traditionel, norwegian food. Putten Seter nestles on the south side of the mountain Formokampen and the entrance to Rondane National Park, the first one in Norway,and opened in 1962. There is also a wonderful view of the mountain chain Jotunheimen.

Putten Seter is located in the middle of ski tracks and hiking trails. Rondane National Park is a  wonderful hiking and skiing area with exceptional nature experiences for children and adults in summer as well as in winter. Putten Seter is a traditional meeting place for local people and hikers from all over the world, and brings you back to the old farm environment. Welcome to Putten Seter in Rondane!